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To make an on-line donation to a Temple Fund, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Sisterhood and Brotherhood donations should still be made directly to the chairpersons listed below.


Donations to our Temple's funds are welcome and encouraged from congregants and non-congregants alike.  If you wish to donate to any of these funds, sending your donations to the chairpersons listed below will facilitate timely acknowledgment. 

Following these instructions will insure your contributions are handled in a timely manner.  Complete information including for whom, for what occasion, from whom, and familial relationship (if applicable) must accompany a minimum $5 donation (unless otherwise noted).  All contributions will be acknowledged by a note to both donor and donee.  Unless otherwise requested, all contributions will be published in the Temple bulletin.  Neither Sisterhood, Brotherhood, nor the Temple will bill for donations.  The acknowledgment will not be sent, nor will notice be placed in the bulletin until the donation is received.

If you would like more information about any of these funds, please contact the chairperson listed, or the Temple office.

 Temple Funds

These funds are chaired by Carole D'Ettorre, 962 Buckwalter Rd Lititz PA 17543


Make an on-line donation by scolling to the bottom of this page


Building Fund - Donations to this fund go to the repair and maintenance of our building.

Chavrai Zamir Fund - Donations to this fund go to the volunteer congregational choir for music and equipment.

Cantorial Music Fund -  Donations go to the purchase of music and equipment by the Cantorial Soloist.

Congregation Historic Preservation Fund -  Donations help pay for maintaining archives and items of historical significance.

Klezmer Band - Donations go to the Chopped Liver River Band for music and equipment.

Larry Robinson Tikkun Olam Fund -  Donations to this fund are used to help members or organizations in the community.

Lehiyot Fund (Special Needs) -  Donations are used to purchase items to help make our building and activities more accessible to those who are physically or otherwise challenged.

Miller Music Fund - Donations are used to fund the annual Miller Music Festival.

Mitzvah Fund - The Rabbi’s discretionary fund, which he uses for members of the congregation or community who are in need. 

Sha’ar L’Atid - The capital campaign; donations will be used to support our congregation into the future.

Jack Paskoff Camper Fund - Together with the Sofian Youth Fund and the Tree of Life Camperships (Sisterhood), donations to this fund provide need-based scholarships for Jewish camping.

Peitzman Technology Religious School Fund -  Donations to this fund are used to purchase computer hardware/software equipment for Jewish Religious School.

Gilat Zikkaron (Joy of Remembrance) -  This fund was established by John B. Woodward as his Bar Mitzvah project, and is now a permanent part of our donations group.  It is in remembrance of Joy Schram, a congregant who passed away in 2005 who had no family left to remember her.  After purchasing a perpetual memorial plate grave marker for Joy, money donated to this fund will be used to help with funeral related cost for any Shaarai Shomayim member who has no family, or who may not have the financial means to provide for memorial items.

Sisterhood Funds

These funds are chaired by Natalie Freedman 1600 Aldred Circle Lancaster PA 17601

Children’s Library Fund - Donations are used to purchase books and supplies for the library.

Religious School Fund - Donations to this fund help pay for field trips and special projects.

Sisterhood Improvement Fund - Donations help pay for kitchen repairs and replacements.

Sofian Youth Fund - Donations to this fund help pay for camperships.

Social Welfare Fund - Donations are used to help members of the Sisterhood or Temple in need.

Brotherhood Funds

These funds are chaired by Bobby Dickman 111 Armstrong Lane Lancaster PA 17603

Israel Scholarship Fund - The men’s auxiliary’s major fundraising efforts go toward providing scholarship money for all our Temple youth who choose to travel to Israel on officially sponsored tours of study programs through NFTY, URJ, etc.



Members of Shaarai Shomayim can now make donations to Temple Funds on-line!  Credit card payment is required after completing the donation form.  Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted.   MEMBERS:  PLEASE LOG INTO YOUR ACCOUNT TO ACCESS THE DONATION FORM.

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