Integration and Engagement


What we do – We try to ensure that each demographic of our community is being actively engaged and their importance recognized to keep everyone’s interest in the life of the synagogue peeked without gaps or lapses. We wish to anticipate the needs of our congregation rather than be reactionary to keep temple membership important to every member in every stage of life.

Current activities: The Mentor Program is now in place for our 10+ new members and prospective members to help them actively engage with the help of an established member or family to quickly acclimate to temple life. A Mi Ka-Mocha coffee bar will begin on Sundays for religious school parents to schmooze and gather together, and attend family services starting on Sunday October 28th. A Lunch & a Movie event is being held at the JCC for members 70+ in our new “Senior Youth Group” on November 29th with transportation being arranged for those in need of assistance to attend it. A Taste Of Judaism program will be held on 3 Monday nights in January for the non-Jews, unaffiliated Jews, etc. in the public to educate them about our culture. New interfaith brochures brought back from the Schindler Fellowship Program are being added to new member packets to inform new interfaith couples about what we have to offer to them and their children.

Help needed: We have a lot of great ideas to implement to improve our spiritual community and help build meaningful congregational connections among our members. We are very much in need of volunteers to join our committee who are willing to work to help us to get everything done and in place for the bright future of Shaarai Shomayim. We have great ideas. We need more support because it is a lot of work for us to get done!

Mon, June 26 2017 2 Tammuz 5777