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Cantorial Soloist Steve Dropkin


My friends,


I feel as if I’m living in a big dream...


Not long ago my wife and I decided that after two years of discussion that we move our plans up and move back east. My mother was ill, and ultimately passed away. After that we started to talk about “what’s next”. Little did we know what was truly in store for us.


I took a look around and noticed that the closest synagogue to where we were thinking of moving was in Lancaster. Lo and behold, I see that an old camp friend, Jack Paskoff is the rabbi of the congregation. Jack and I knew each other from camp days a long time ago. So I decided to call him up and see if it was any way that I might be able to share some music at his congregation. That discussion proved very interesting for both of us.


Then the pandemic hit! It seems like all of our plans personal and professional, we’re put on hold. Who could ever think that such a thing could happen in today’s world.


Passover came and went. Time was at a standstill. “Sheltering in place” became the motto of the day.


But it seems God‘s plan was bigger than mine or Jack’s, and we both continue to talk.


I think you know how the rest of this story turned out.


Some background about me. I started out as a song leader at summer camp. A few years later I took a shot at writing a few Jewish songs. In my wildest dreams I never could have believed that things would turn out the way they did.


Ultimately, I recorded 6 original albums of Jewish music. I never could have imagined anything like this. After about 10 years traveling around the country and singing it many, many congregations, I knew it was time to slow down and it became obvious to me that my best opportunity would be pursue work as a cantorial soloist.


I’ve had the chance to serve congregations in Florida, central California, Southern California, and now here in central Pennsylvania. I feel truly blessed.


My wife, Kristin, is originally from this area having grown up in Palmyra. So for her, it’s great to be near her family again.


I have 2 grown daughters. One is in DC, and she is getting married in the fall. My younger daughter lives in Las Vegas. They are both beautiful women! (Biased Abba!)


So maybe you can understand why I feel like I’m living in a big dream! Who decides to move across country and buy a new home during a world-wide pandemic? Who can call a friend and have a phenomenal job opportunity emerge when things are the way they are? And who gets so fortunate, and even lucky, to find such a warm congregational family? I do!


Please don’t wake me up. I want to see how this dream ends...






Steven Dropkin, Cantorial Soloist

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