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The following committees are supported by members who serve on or chair a committee to make an effective and well-run spiritual institution for the community.

ADULT JEWISH GROWTH (Chair - Rhonda Kleiman): Plans and implements the adult education programs at Shaarai, including the adult Hebrew language instruction, Torah study, Talmud study, Jewish Movie Nights, Monday Night classes, and the annual Scholar-in-Residence program.

CEMETERY (Chair - Jim Baumgartner): Evaluates the condition of our cemetery and keeps it in good condition.

CONGREGATIONAL LIFE & MEMBERSHIP (Chair - Donna Cohen): Works with prospective and new Temple members by welcoming and helping to integrate them into the congregational family in ways that they choose.


ENDOWMENT: Oversees the Temple endowment.


FUNDRAISING: Creates and implements fundraising activities and events to support the financial goals of the Congregation.


HISTORY and ARCHIVES (Chair - Ellen Pike): Maintains the Congregation's historical archive and for promoting our history through displays, exhibits, oral histories and written materials.


HOUSE (Chair - Matt Freedman): Responsible for the maintenance and repair of our building.


HOSPITALITY (Chair - Donna Cohen): Organizes Oneg Shabbats and receptions for other holidays.

INVESTMENT: Oversees and provides guidance to the Board regarding financial investments.


RITUAL (Chair - Rhonda Kleiman): Works with the Rabbi in planning the ritual experience. Committee members also with the Shaarai staff to help design the musical and liturgical experience.

SECURITYWorks with the professional staff and Board of Trustees to ensure the safety and security of the Shaarai Shomayim community.


TIKKUN OLAM (Chair - Randi Jacobson): Responds to and supports social action within our own community and around the world. This committee is also responsible for planning the annual Mitzvah Day and homeless shelter support.

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