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Virtual 2nd Night Seder

With thanks to Miriam Baumgartner!


Welcome to Congregation Shaarai Shomayim’s Second Seder 2021/5781!  Yes, this seder is different than all other seders, prior to last year! Rabbi Paskoff will once again lead the seder via Zoom.


If you have two screens available you can view Rabbi and other seder participants on one screen and the Haggadah on another, using Digital Haggadah 5781.pdf. If you prefer to print the Haggadah, use Haggadah 5781 for print.pdf. Don’t be scared by all that color; feel free to print in black and white if you prefer. The margins are set for double sided printing (it will work with single, if that’s what you use) with two staples on the right side, for Hebrew opening.

Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe holiday!



Things you might need:


Wine/grape juice


Horseradish (other bitter herb)



Lamb shank bone


Salt water


Afikomen hunt puzzle

Elijah’s cup


Things to think about:

What have you seen or heard in the past week that lets you know its spring?

What sometimes makes you cry?


Parents—We have a little puzzle to help find the Afikomen. Feel free to hide one in your homes anyway.

Afikomen Hunt


See the 10 clues below. There are hints that 5 year olds should be able to solve, and others that might take an adult to help. Take the first letter of each answer and write it on the lines at the bottom. When you have all of the answers, unscramble the letters to form 3 words, and you’ll know where the afikomen is!


  1. These little round balls of fried chickpeas (plus a few other ingredients) go well in a pita with salad and other add-ons. Some would say they’re not kosher for Passover (and definitely aren’t if you put them in pita!). They’re Israel’s most common fast food.

  2. At the end of the seder tonight, we’ll open the door for this man, this prophet. We’ll sing a song in his honor, and he’ll enjoy some of our wine.

  3. This Israeli city sits on the beach of the Mediterranean Sea. It isn’t even 120 years old. It’s a fun city with all kinds of business, culture, and food. It is one of the world’s major centers of hi-tech innovation.

  4. This state was the first home of many of the major institutions of Reform Judaism in the United States. It is still the home of one of the 4 campuses of the Hebrew Union College where Reform rabbis, cantors, educators, and communal workers are trained.

  5. Noah was told to build an ark to save his family during the flood. When the rain was over, and the land was dry, and the rainbow appeared in the sky, the family got off the ark along with these other living things that came on the ark in pairs.

  6. Our last holiday was Purim. We tell the story of the Jews being saved from death when we read the Megillah and drown out Haman’s name. The two heroes of this story were Mordechai and _____________________?

  7. This one may take some adult research, but I’m including it because those of us who travelled to Israel together last February were very moved by this place. David Ben-Gurion was the first prime minister of Israel. When his time in office was over, he and his wife went to live on this kibbutz.

  8. In a little while, we’re going to eat something that appears on our seder plates. Some people eat it all year round, but some, only on Passover. Horse radish is just one type of bitter herb, which in Hebrew is known as this.

  9. For those of you who love old Jewish folk stories or Broadway musicals, this was the name of the shtetl (little town) where Tevye lived.

  10. We don’t usually do our seders on Zoom. Hopefully next year we’ll be back with family and friends (in Jerusalem), and once again, we’ll have this book in front of us, the book that tells us how to perform the rituals connected to Passover. There are 100’s of them, but many of us fondly remember using one that was put out by Maxwell House coffee. What is this book that we use at our seders?

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