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(Designed for children ages 0-18)

The curriculum taught at Sh'arim goes beyond just learning about Judaism - it focuses on actually living it. The students participate in lesson plans and school-wide programming that is built around the following 3 pillars: (1) Learning, (2) Worship, and (3) Acts of Loving Kindness. 


Sh'arim is only available because of the full support offered by the Shaarai Shomayim Family. Many congregants dedicate their time to teaching our children in the classrooms. These teachers are passionate, dedicated, and continually strive to enhance the Jewish experience for each student. Leading the overall educational program are Rabbi Paskoff and Bob Houghton.

We look forward to having your family as part of our program. Please complete this 

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For more information about the program, please contact the Main Office at 717-397-5575. 

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