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Donations to Shaarai Shomayim are a wonderful way to recognize a simcha, honor or memorialize family or friends or just to contribute to one of the synagogue's programs you wish to support. These contributions may be made in a number of ways and at various levels. 


One way to give is by going directly to our website. It's as simple as going to our website donation page and clicking the donate button and following the directions.


Below are a few other meaningful ways in which you can make contributions to the Shaarai Shomayim community. 

Sponsor an oneg - Every Friday after services we provide a delicious dessert oneg for our members and guests who join us for services. Did you know that you can sponsor an oneg to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, bar/bat mitzvah anniversary or any special occasion? You can sponsor an oneg alone, or you can sponsor with another family (or two)! Sponsoring an oneg can cost as little as $150. 


Give to one of our established funds - There are funds set aside for our incredible Miller Music Weekend, Our Loss Scholar in Residence, for camper scholarships, Shabbat dinners and so much more. When you want to honor or remember a loved one you can always make a donation to any one of our funds. Click here to see a complete list of our synagogue funds.

Give to the Rabbi's Mitzvah Fund - Giving to Rabbi Paskoff's discretionary fund allows him to help those in need, provide funding for critical programming and the flexibility to do great work for our community.


Buy Scrip from WSS - If you do your food shopping at Weis and/or Giant then you can buy gift cards to those stores from the Women of Shaarai Shomayim. There is no additional cost to you and WSS receives 5% for the sale. It's a win for everyone involved!

Give to the Cemetery Fund - You can help with the maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery grounds and building.  

Give Some of Your Time - We know that there are congregants who would prefer to give their time and energy to the congregation, and thankfully we have a multitude of opportunities for you to volunteer!

  • Join Brotherhood or Women of Shaarai Shomayim. Both groups do amazing things for the congregation, including cooking for congregational events, providing scholarship funds for our youth and so much more.

  • Join one of our committees. Our committees are truly the backbone of our congregational life. There is something for everyone here!

  • Join in as congregants travel to Kentucky each summer, or spend a night at the shelter in December. There are quite a few annual projects that you can be a part of!

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